Monday, August 29, 2011

Late summer Foraging

I was lucky enough to find time to forage some beautiful Michigan fruits this past weekend. I found some fabulously lush bunches of grapes along the rural roads where I live. These plants were so thickly dripping with grapes that I didn't even make a dent when I picked almost five pounds of them!
It was particularly satisfying to pick clumps of 20-30 grapes per stem and I know that if I need more they're just right out there, growing on their own, and there is no way I could pick enough to dent the current supply.

The last thing I picked before heading home was elderberries. I found a spot on a rural road only a few miles from my house and the berries were hanging so heavily that with just a touch the hollow, pithy stems would just *snap* off into the bucket. How fun! Of course what was not fun was picking each little teeny berry off of the stems before making syrup. 

Are you harvesting anything from nature this time of year?

On another note, do you prefer the filtered photos I've posted the last few posts, or the more color-accurate photos I was posting before? I'm a huge fan of the filtered photos but I can't tell if it's appropriate for the blog or not....

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