Thursday, September 29, 2011

Woolies and their Woes (part two: New Friends)

Sorry to have left things on a sad note, there.

We picked up Brighid's new friends a week ago and I admit the first few days were interesting. Poor Brighid had no interest in holding her own against her new evil aunties, Blair and Nance. After closing them in "the Chokie" or "the Squeeze" for twelve hours they were slightly nicer to each other. The Chokie is where you squish sheep into standing-room space (I used pallets to do this) so that they are forced to touch each other for hours on end without food. Once they are released, they smell alike and they are so hellbent on getting to the food that they theoretically stop attacking one another.

It worked to some degree, but Blair was still picking on Brighid so I separated her and I let Brighid and Nance get to know each other a little better.

Now they're more or less alright with each other. This morning they weren't letting Brighid hang out in the stall, but she didn't seem to mind much. They're really just bullies but my guess is once the leased ram shows up this winter they won't be thinking about each other much.

Still, what's important is that when it comes to feeding times everybody is willing to set aside their differences and dig in together!

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  1. Love these guys - someday I hope to have a few woolies on my farm, good to learn through you what I can expect when the time comes.