Friday, May 25, 2012

Tanglewood 2012 lambs!

Well, I've been insanely busy lately but I figured I'd post quickly about the latest additions to our farm.

Last week Nance finally gave birth to a leggy single moorit ram. He's adorable and gawky and hilarious to watch walk.

I admit I was a little disappointed since I plan to send all rams off to freezer camp this fall and this meant I only had one more chance for a ewe lamb.

Well, Blair didn't disappoint! She gave birth to two adorable little lambs, a strong and spunky spotted ewe lamb with some serious chrome, and an adorably scrawny and wimpy little solid black ram. They're so cute together!

In between the lambing ewes, I had another surprise greet me in the barn. One of our chickens, who we have repeatedly had to kick off a nest, had apparently been sneaking back to it to incubate her eggs. I walked in the morning after Nance lanes to find six baby chicks! They're super cute, though we did (literally) lose one yesterday. It was there and then it wasn't! I guess that's how things go on a farm sometimes.

So. I'm posting from my phone which means this isn't going to be very nicely formatted, but here is your daily dose of cute!

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  1. I'm exploding from the cute! I hope to visit your farm late this summer. Though the babes will be huge by then...