Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Impasse: Emily:1, Asparagus:1

Alas, my Asparagus endeavors were only half successful today. Despite the warnings of terrible weather ahead, I pulled on my plum-colored muck boots and trudged the length of the driveway towards the asparagus patch by the road this morning. I was feeling kind of light headed (and had felt the same on my morning bike ride) but trudged on figuring it was more to do with the weather than anything else.
After I made it to the asparagus patches, I had forgotten about being light headed and set to work. Asparagus crowns are tough little guys! It took me several attempts but I finally got the hang of it (the crowns and root systems are 6" below the surface of the soil- tedious work!)
By the time I finished with my tenth crown, I had realized that it wasn't just the funky weather making me light headed. Unfortunately I ended up blacking out and falling into a patch of asparagus (not altogether unpleasant. lol.) Apparently I've picked up a bug from a student of mine and am now tucked away in bed with my laptop, a club soda and some chicken noodle soup. Ew.
After a quick phone call Jeremy, my DH, brought the car up the drive and we packed the asparagus roots and some of the fronds into the back before he drove me back to the house.
All in all it was a good haul for my first trip. I have at least ten crowns, probably more. I haven't pulled them all apart yet, and it's likely I've damaged a couple in my attempts to dig hastily, but I'm sure I've got some that'll survive!
I have to admit there is something that I find so amazingly adorable about asparagus crowns. It's like a little baby alien or something, with all of it's little premature shoots ready to sprout and it's thick tuberous roots sprawling all over.
My plan is to wait out this crazy Michigan weather and then to plant them hopefully tomorrow. I've heard we'll be getting storms of "historic proportions" today so I'm thinking that lugging the tiller out and prepping asparagus beds while sick and in severe storms is probably a little beyond me... at least today...


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