Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Wedding Post

Well, the wedding went very well. I'm so relieved to have it finished, though! The weather was really the one thing that didn't go well, and our particularly hardy guests sat through the rainy ceremony with nary a complaint (to us, anyway!)

We spent the morning with friends and family, setting up the various silly little things for the wedding... and of course then it rained so no one really got to see or use much of the things we set up, but that's alright. When it came time for the ceremony, nobody really cared.

The ceremony was brief, completely our own, and accompanied by misty, blowy showers of rain. As soon as it was finished, everyone fled to the tent, while the wedding party ran around the historic estate that we rent part of and was forced to stand in the rain for photos. After this, we too quickly ran for cover. I switched into my party dress, which became a much greater asset than I ever imagined, as my wedding dress was completely soaked by the time we finished photos, and I was f-f-f-f-freezing. On a whim, earlier that day, I had my brother (my maid of honor) run to the tractor supply co. and pick up four pairs of plum colored muck boots. Added to the wool socks and TSC gift cards, I'm pretty sure there never were more fitting bridesmaids gifts. My bridesmaids, all but my brother, are all horseback riding instructors and horse owners, and living in Michigan we have a cold winter ahead of us. It seemed appropriate. Of course my brother (who I just realized never took his gift: it's sitting right here) was gifted fancier wool socks and a Banana Republic gift card. Hahaha. He's not one for plum muck boots, much.
One of the greated highlights of the wedding for me was the cake. My beautiful wedding cake (see left) was carefully crafted by a student of mine (who happens to be 12!) She made the cake herself, while her mother helped her to make 97 cupcakes! The cake is while almond cake with vanilla frosting, and the cupcakes were white cake with chocolate-hazelnut mousse inside, white frosting, and a royal frosting flower on top of each in our wedding colors. It was fantastic! The sunflowers on top of our wedding cake were from my own garden: volunteers from beneath my birdfeeder, actually.
Finally as the night wore down the rain let up and we tromped through the orchard paths to the home-made photo booth. It seemed like a hit, though there were only a few people still around.
We now have nearly 100 embarrassing photo booth shots of our friends and family- Hooray!

It was an excellent adventure, and a ton of fun, but I don't think I'll ever plan an event for 120 people ever, ever again.

Now I get to pick up the remains of my garden for the fall season and daydream about spring planting.

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  1. It was an amazing day! Very cool decorations and food! Wish I hadn't had to bug out so soon. Congrats to you and your lovely husband once again!