Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm a Glove Winner over at Chiot's Run!

My currently favorite blog is definitely Chiot's Run an organic gardening blog written by a woman in NE Ohio, which is the same zone as myself and often gets the same weather, so the things she writes are very relevant to myself. I strongly encourage anyone who enjoys my blog to check hers out. It's full of all sorts of great information, diverse topics and the best part is that she continues to blog regularly through the winter season, unlike many blogging gardeners. My morning ritual now begins with a pre-dawn glance to see if she's written anything new, and two Fridays ago she posted a random drawing based on comments in order to win a pair of Ethel brand garden gloves.

I don't often try to win in drawings, but these gloves look fantastic so I commented (discussing my current favorite garden gloves - the West County gloves) and a week later I received an email stating I'd won, by being the randomly selected #110th commenter on her blog! Hooray! The last time I won anything it was free tickets and a backstage pass to see Pennywise - a pop punk band. I was 13. Hahaha.

Anyway, Ethel gloves look great. We'll see if they live up to my lifestyle, though. I tend to burn through garden/work gloves just about as fast as I burn through riding gloves at the horse farm. This is peculiar since I still have hands the texture of sandpaper and cracks across my fingers like the Mojave desert... I guess I use my hands a lot, huh?

The gloves claim to be hard-wearing, and they're very fashionable. I can't wait to sink my Ethel-gloved hand into the soft squishy soil of spring!

(Boo... still 132 days until last frost date for my area. A girl can dream, right?)


  1. Congrats on winning the gloves! First Sarah wins her Ipad then you get cool gloves. Maybe the Jenkins luck is changing.

  2. Congratulations!

    I won a poster a couple weeks ago. It's a picture of a bunch of cakes. Absolutely useless - but I won!