Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Christmas Post

So Christmas day has come and gone. I spent the bulk of the day with my new in-laws, scuttling from place to place following the holiday rituals of my husband. This includes seeing a movie on Christmas afternoon, and this year's movie was "True Grit", the new Coen brothers' movie.

Right, folks. This movie is fantastic! It quickly climbed onto my top five list. Whether it'll hold up to multiple viewings, I still don't know, but ... Jeff Bridges is a truly amazing actor, and Matt Daemon has shown he's more than just a lunk (with a little help from the Coen Bros writing!) I was so blown away by this film. I know it's a remake, but from what I hear it's much closer to the original novel than the original film. Pretty much everybody but the die-hard John Wayne fans is going to enjoy this, though.

Anyway, back to the Christmas day talk. My first Christmas gift of the day was that my husband, known for his eccentric handlebar mustache, actually trimmed his beard and mustache short! I know this sounds like it might not be a big deal, but he has a really great smile and his mustache really hid that smile (and made for some under-par smooching!) I've been informed he'll be growing it back in time for the convention season (If you're not aware, my husband is a comic book creator) which I totally expected anyway. It's the thought that counts :)

I mentioned before that I was hesitant to post information about the handmade Christmas gifts I've been working on. I still haven't gotten together with my family, so I'm restricted as to what I can post, but I did give my brother-in-law his Christmas gift. He has an iPad and a love for pink and bunnies, so I set to making him a case for said gadget from grey felt.

I haven't needle felted since college so it was fun to try again. I think I enjoyed it enough to make it a regular thing, even. I've been toying around with starting an Etsy store for some time now, and I've often thought I'd like to get back to my fibery roots to do so. I'll play with the whole felting thing for a while more, now and we'll see what comes of it. I know I intend to post my weaving there as well, so I'll just let it play out naturally. Any time I force myself to pick up a new hobby or endeavor I quickly lose interest so it's probably better if I just pretend I'm not trying to do so!

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas (except Connor, who apparently shouldn't be left alone with a rawhide bone... ew) and I hope you did too!


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