Friday, January 28, 2011

Knitting two socks on two sets of double pointed needles

Yes, you read that correctly.

There has been a lot of hype over the past few years about knitting multiple things at the same time on circular knitting needles. Two socks on one circular needle, Two socks on two circular needles, two hats, two sweater sleeves, two tea cozies... I'm fascinated by the idea, but I own no circular needles that would work for this. I decided to remedy this by stopping at a craft shop the other day, and it turns out they don't carry any sock-sized circular needles at all. Ever. Lame!

So I begrudgingly figured what the heck. I bought another pair of size three double pointed needles and went home to do things my own way. I really do hate knitting one sock and then trying to decipher my notes to figure out what I did the first time in order to replicate it for the second sock. It's a pain, writing the notes is a pain, admitting defeat and embracing two very different socks is a pain...

Two days ago I began knitting two socks, on two separate sets of needles. I knitted the cuff, 8 rows K2P1 rib, and then I knitted the other cuff, 8 rows K2P1 rib. I knitted the ankle 4.5" and then knitted the other ankle... etc. Not only do I have an easier time making two similar socks (note I didn't say "identical"), but I just finished turning the heels of the socks and it's far more satisfying to have two done than one. When I finish the first sock, it will simply be a matter of decreasing for the second toe, kitchener stitching and Hooray! Two socks!

You can keep your "new and improved" methods for now. I don't mind owning a few duplicate sets of sock needles if that's what I have access to. Okay, okay. I'll probably get around to purchasing those circular needles at some point...


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