Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sheep in the Snow

Ingrid looking statuesque and regal.

We've been hit with another snow storm, but this one is more a gentle blanketing than a harried attack. The snow has been falling in large fluffy clumps for hours, and at times you can barely see the trees in the windbreak out front. As the dusk wrapped the snowy world in blue, I set down my knitting and ventured out with my camera (battery finally recharged) to put the sheep in for the night.

My fuzzy Icelandic beasts generally stay under cover when it's snowy, but usually the snow is more of a pelting fury, accompanied by howling winds out of the North. This evening it is quiet, and a cozy warm 28°F so the sheep have been lolling around in the barnyard, allowing themselves to be gently coated in powdery snow, iced like fuzzy little cookies....

what? I've been in front of the fire for too long... :)

This last photo is proof for Laura and Rick over at Queso Cabeza that Ingrid
is really learning to trust me, and readily takes treats from my hands now :)


  1. Photographic proof, even!

    Very impressive. Want to borrow a couple of our crazies and send them back tame?

  2. These photos are beautiful! I'm so glad to have come across this blog--my boyfriend pointed me this way, since he met you and Jeremy over the summer at a convention. Can't wait to work my way through the older posts. Hope you and the sheep are staying toasty!