Sunday, February 20, 2011

Enjoying the warmer weather...

The weather this past week was like a dream. It provided a much-needed respite from daily trudging through the snow, and I was able to get several things done in the yard and barn. I mucked the entire sheep stall and toted all of the manure and straw/hay bits down to the edge of what is going to be the newest and biggest vegetable bed this spring. We have no tractor, so everything was done by hand with yard carts. It was tons of work, but in the 50ยบ sunshine it was quickly done and I loved every moment of it. I also mucked and toted the duck manure, and started prep-work on the new bed. I'll have to post more about the bed prep later. I'm trying a new technique of my own ridiculous devising and I have photos of a lot of it perfect for a pre-spring gardening post.

I also got to spend some time boiling the first of the maple sap. I set up a fantastic little nest to huddle in while waiting and watching and (not-always-so-) patiently tending the task at hand. When the wind picked up later I was constantly trying to keep pine needles from blowing into the sap. It was intense! I was constantly skimming them from the sap's surface or flicking them mid-air before they landed. How tedious! We were going to finish the first batch today, but the wet weather and the ice/storm on the horizon kept me from starting the fire since we'd only get a couple of hours before our primitive setup would drive us indoors anyway. I was defeated as soon as I saw the forecast. Boo.

Finally, yesterday, Jeremy and I headed off to the spinner's flock Fleece Fair in Chelsea, MI. The middle school gymnasium was packed with people and fiber, and I had to walk at least three times past everything to feel like I was seeing everything. When we left, I had four balls of fluff with me and a grin on my face. I've started spinning the top right ball already and aside from an occasional second cut it's very nicely processed and easy to spin. I'll have to post photos of the finished yarn asap...


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