Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seeds Seeds Seeds

I've had a couple of people ask what I'm growing this year. This week I'm trying to really crack down on planning the vegetable beds for spring, and I've finally finished cataloguing all of the seeds that I currently have. The seeds marked with an asterisk are things I may not grow but I have seeds for them anyway from previous years.

Any seeds that say "Hybrid" next to them I most likely will be giving away. The hybrids are almost all packaged for 2010 so if anyone is interested in them let me know! I love the idea of growing the ruby red sweet corn, but it was a wimpy hybrid prone to disease and besides, I'm going fully heirloom this year.

I have a lot of sprawly squash and melons that I'm planning on, but most of them will be grown vertically or they'll be planted in small patches of gently cultivated soil and then allowed to take over the grass surrounding them.

When I discussed my every growing list of seeds with my mother tonight, she suggested an intervention to which I responded "You know if we tried to have an intervention it would just turn into a plant swap..."

Yes, I have a problem.

Without Adieu, Here is the list!

Bean, Bush - Beurre De Rocquencourt
Bean, Bush - Royalty Purple Pod
Bean, Bush - *Royal Burgundy

Bean, Pole - Rattlesnake
Bean, Pole - Purple Pod
Bean, Pole - French Gold
Bean, Pole - Kentucky Wonder
Bean, Pole - *Old Homestead
Bean, Pole - *Scarlet Emperor

Beetroot - Bull's Blood
Beetroot - Crapaudine
Beetroot - Detroit Dark Red
Beetroot - Chioggia
Beetroot - Golden
Beetroot - *Kestral (Hybrid)
Beetroot - *Ruby Queen

Broccoli - Early Purple Sprouting
Broccoli - *Brocolli Raab
Broccoli - *Waltham 29

Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved

Cabbage - Early Jersey Wakefield

Carrot - Lunar White
Carrot - Cosmic Purple
Carrot - Atomic Red
Carrot - Jaune Obtuse du Doubs
Carrot - Pariesienne
Carrot - *Royal Chantenay
Carrot - *Nantes

Cauliflower - Green Macerata
Cauliflower - Purple of Sicily
Cauliflower - Snowball

Corn - Tom Thumb Popcorn
Corn - Stowell's Evergreen
Corn - Mixed Colors Broomcorn
Corn - *Ruby Queen Hybrid (Hybrid)
Corn - *Kandy Korn Hybrid (Hybrid)
Corn - *Bi-Licious (Hybrid)

Cucumber - Beit Alpha
Cucumber - Mini White
Cucumber - Delikatesse

Edamame - Aoyu
Edamame - Envy (Hybrid)

Greens - Arugula
Greens - European Heirloom Mesclun Mix

Ground Cherry - Aunt Molly's

Leek - Giant Musselburgh
Leek - *American Flag

Lettuce - *Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce - *Buttercrunch
Lettuce - *Freckles Romaine
Lettuce - Petite Rouge
Lettuce - Forellenschluss

Melon - *Vedrantais Charentais
Melon - *Petit Gris de Rennes
Melon - *Minnesota Midget
Melon - Emerald Gem
Melon - Noir de Carmes
Melon - Delice de Table

Onion - Flat of Italy

Parsnip - *Hollow Crown
Parsnip - *Harris Model

Pea, shelling - *Thomas Laxton

Pea, snap - Sugar Snap
Pea, snap - *Cascadia

Pepper - Sweet Chocolate
Pepper - Purple Jalepeno
Pepper - Mini Chocolate Bell
Pepper - Mini Red Bell
Pepper - Mini Yellow Bell

Radish - Cherry Belle
Radish - *Black Spanish Round

Rutabaga - *American Purple Top

Spinach - Bloomsdale
Spinach - *Fioriana (Hybrid)

Squash, summer - Early Prolific Straightneck
Squash, summer - Zucchini Lungo Bianco

Squash, winter - Honey Boat Delicata
Squash, winter - Jarrahdale
Squash, winter - Musquee De Provence
Squash, winter - Connecticut Field
Squash, winter - Lady Godiva
Squash, winter - Butternut Rogosa Violina Gioia
Squash, winter - Melonette Jaspee Vendee
Squash, winter - *Casper Pumpkin
Squash, winter - *Green Hubbard Improved

Sunflower - Autumn Beauty
Sunflower - Velvet Queen
Sunflower - Italian White
Sunflower - Teddy Bear
Sunflower - Star Performance
Sunflower - Magic Roundabout
Sunflower - Sungold

Swiss Chard - Five Color Silver Beet

Tomato, cherry - Snowberry
Tomato, cherry - Gajo De Melon
Tomato, cherry - Reisentraube
Tomato, cherry - Black Cherry
Tomato, cherry - Sunglo 2

Tomato, slicing - Ananas Noire
Tomato, slicing - Black Krim
Tomato, slicing - Sweet Persimmon
Tomato, slicing - Costoluto Genovese
Tomato, slicing - Hillbilly Potato Leaf

Watermelon - Sugar Baby
Watermelon - Orangeglo
Watermelon - *Golden Midget

Annual Herbs - Dill
Annual Herbs - Cilantro
Annual Herbs - Borage
Annual Herbs - Basil
Annual Herbs - Chamomile


  1. Wowza! That list is even longer than mine!

  2. So if you're giving away your hybrids could i make a request? I think my Mom would get a kick out of growing spinach for a change. Do you think you could mail her a packet of the hybrid spinach seeds? I'm always trying to get her to grow new things. Last year it was rainbow chard and it was a hit! She's been in a beefsteak tomato, sunflower, cucumber, and zucchini rut for way to long.


  3. @Ashley Definitely! Send me a message on facebook with her address and I'll try to get it in the mail this week. It was packaged for 2010, and I bought it late in the season last year so I'm sure the seed is still viable. Thanks for putting it to good use!