Thursday, June 30, 2011

Waiting for Raspberries

It may be that I'm just more aware of it than usual, or maybe it's that I just desperately crave fresh raspberries, but the time it's taking this year's raspberry crop to go from little green berries to the plump juicy gems I crave seems like it's moving in slow motion! 

If we get a bit more rain, I anticipate that this year will be the best raspberry harvest we've ever had. The cultivated red, yellow and purple patches and the wild black raspberry thickets are full of unripe berries to the point of flopping over. I've never seen so many! I just hope we continue to get this nice weather with a bit more rain. In the past we've had promising looking seasons that have ended in misery when defeated by drought. I'll be at the very least soaker hosing my cultivated beds, but the black raspberries are so delicious I'd hate to see them fail!

I've already started researching some various recipes and I can't wait to have fresh raspberries and ice cream.

What are some of your favorite raspberry uses and recipes? Do you prefer them baked/preserved in some way, or fresh from the cane?

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  1. Mine are right where I can't avoid walking past them and I just have been WILLING them to turn red! We ate the first 4 outliers this morning! Raspberry jam! Raspberry syrup! Raspberry scones! Raspberry ice cream!