Sunday, January 22, 2012

O Hai Winter! There You Are!

Brighid found winter, and so did I! That snow storm was such a nice polite reminder that we're actually in the winter months. I had just been talking to Jeremy about how I wasn't feeling ready to start planning garden stuff and how I was feeling overwhelmed and underenthusiastic. 

Then, overnight, we got 5 inches of snow and my attitude changed completely. The snow has covered up everything that had me stressed. I can't see the piles of rubbish waiting to be hauled to the compost pile. I can't see the garden hose in the north garden that I forgot to drain and coil. 

All I can see are the gardens in my mind's eye and those gardens look fantastic!

Are you planning your gardens yet? If so, what are you planning?

1 comment:

  1. I won't be traveling to The Mitten this year so I can actually plan the container garden of my dreams! I have probably a 10x10ft space to work with so I'll need to be resourceful. Hanging containers on the balcony railing and tiered containers on the deck. I'm still researching drought resistant heirloom vegetables & flowers (I'm such a sucker for growing flowers) since I'm worried that we're not getting enough snow-pack in the high mountains. The snow-pack is what we drink during the summer and the less there is the more likely we are to have water restrictions this year. I sometimes miss water falling the sky regularly (oddly I find myself longing, on occasion, for a series of wet gray days. Weird.)
    Still I'll have to leave room on the deck for Ian and I, plus a guest or two, to squeeze out there in the cool summer nights...well, maybe...