Saturday, March 12, 2011

Asking Readers' Advice - Fixing the Barn

This is just a quick call for tips, experience, advice, accounts, etc...

This photo was taken from a neighboring tree and shows a bit of the roof.

I'm considering painting the corrugated metal roof on the barn. It is rust-colored, but other than one panel that seems older than the rest, it is definitely just surface rust. I want to basically do upkeep on this barn to keep it from deteriorating any further at least while we're living here, which I expect will be 5-10 years. Does anyone have experience painting corrugated metal?

Any ideas on what color I should paint it? Black would be nice and conservative, but wouldn't it also attract heat and make the barn hotter in the summer? Hmm...

I'm also planning to reinforce the leaning area of foundation with rebar this spring once the ground thaws. Any tips there?

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  1. I'd say look at barns in the area. Maybe that will give you some ideas.