Sunday, March 6, 2011

February's Mother Daughter Craft Swap

Well, I have to admit I missed the shipping deadline for February's craft swap with my mum. My craft for her, this month, was one that required a lot more planning than simply building an object and decorating it, as with the birdhouse. It was also quite small, and I'm terrible at making small things. I'm pretty decent at crafting, but when it comes to Craft I tend to be a bit on the sloppy side... Anyway, I can't post about my craft yet, but what I can post is that my mom is an amazing crafter!

Her craft to me arrived yesterday and I just couldn't wait to share. This month she made and sent me a gardening tote. It's fabulous: sturdy fabric, tons of pockets, and straps the perfect length for hauling to and from the garden with tools, harvest and more. It took me three times to count, but there are sixteen external pockets/slots for tools, and two internal pockets, not counting the bulk internal space of the bag. It even matches the gardening apron she sent me last month!

I absolutely cannot wait to use it!

I have a few announcements coming up later this week and can't wait to share them. I'll also have a few awesome reviews to post in the next three weeks, so be sure to check back soon!

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  1. Great bag! What a very crafty family, in the good way. So many pockets, but I'm sure you'll fill them all without any problem.