Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ducks, ducks, ducks

There are few things that our ducks love more than playing in the hose on a hot summer day. We had temperatures consistently over 90, week before last, and so this became our morning routine. They would run around trying to catch individual droplets and then stop to preen and flutter in the spray.

Summer doldrums brought boredom for the ducks as well as the rest of us. They quickly learned to combat their boredom by raiding the cherry tomato plants! I couldn't help but laugh heartily when I discovered my lady-ducks hopping up and down to get green cherry tomatoes. The males were clueless. As usual. Haha.

I also finally got the baby duck to eat from my hand. We're 90% sure she's a female (yay!) so she gets to stick around, despite being a constant stressor due to the males' obsession with ganging up on her. Ah well. Tonks still won't eat from my hand ever since she and I got super intimate after the hawk got her last year. A week of changing bandages, cleaning puncture wounds and clipping feathers seems to have turned her permanently off of me. With justifiable reason, obviously.


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