Friday, August 6, 2010

Mystery Bramble!

I shopped the clearance table at our local Plymouth Nursery yesterday and came home with a number of fruiting plants and pretty much no cash.

My purchases ended up including three gooseberry bushes (I forget the variety but they are a variety for fresh eating, so they're sweet), two ebony king thornless blackberries (early producers), a fifty cent lavender bush and this little mystery bramble.
I'd never seen a bramble grow like this and I'm still uncertain about what it is. It has thorns and pickers like a gooseberry (hairlike little thorns interspersed with large evil looking daggery thorns), leaves of three like a raspberry, and broad very slightly lobed leaves like a blackberry bush!
I thought it might be a dewberry since it's trailing, but those double thorns just don't seem right. The lady at the nursery sold it to me for $2 since it was in sad shape and tagless, and I told her I'd bring her some berries next year. ;) Let's just hope this doesn't turn out like Little Shop Of Horrors.... I've named it Audrey2.


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