Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thinking about a larger scale...

The past two weeks have been full of gardeny delight. Between snacking non-stop on beans, enjoying cucumbers and squash aplenty and of course tomatoes, I have had a seed planted in my head.
This season has been fun and educational for me and I've decided I'd love to take it to a larger scale for 2011.

(i've just been joined by my housecat, Harrison. Hmm. Not sure how he weadled out of the house but he sure is cute!)
Anyway. I want to mini-farm next year rather than garden large scale. I want to produce food for others and since I've never truly had a stomach for the market crowds I'm thinking a small-scale CSA with like ten members. The plan is to grow primarily in raised beds and containers using local composted manure from my horsies.
In addition to veggies I'll have my raspberry and blackberry patches as well as my duck eggs and possibly even sheep products if I can get my butt into gear before fall. I'm also considering contacting my landlady (yup, I rent!) and consulting chicken possibilities, as I'd very much like to raise wyandottes for meat and eggs. Hmm. Maybe she'd sign off on it if I provided free eggs or something...

Well. Those have been my thoughts. This entry is pretty disjointed but in my defense I'm juggling a kitty who very much wants to go ride on the back of a farm duck while gnawing on it's neck. Lol.


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