Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vintage Sewing (an intro to mini-posts)

Well, I've obviously been absent to the blogging scene for a long while now. I think about it nearly every day, though, I promise! Blogging is a real commitment, and I've definitely dropped the ball lately.

In my defense, I've been suffering some pretty atrocious migraines and headaches and long sits in front of the computer screen tend to do-me-in for hours. So I have a solution. I'm going to attempt to start writing mini-posts on a more regular basis. It won't be the eloquently articulated mind-spout that my usual posts are, but it will allow me to share what I've been up to with you. Theoretically they'll just be a snapshot and a quick sentence or two... better than nothing, right?

That said, who loves vintage sewing?

I do.

I've been obsessing over all things vintage-fashion (picture me rolling around in piles of vintage cloth and patterns, laughing maniacally) and I want to share some of my recent projects and eye-candy.

Some vintage reproduction fabrics I picked up

a terrible photo of my intensely goofy (and awesome) plus fours aka knickerbockers

Did I mention my new-found adoration for vintage trims?

Yeah, I went a little crazy with the vintage trims...

I've been working on a 1930's shirtwaist dress with cap sleeve this week. More photos to come!


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