Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Local Spotlight: Project Grow Potato Pledge!

This year I have decided to take part in the Project Grow second annual Potato Pledge! The Potato Pledge is an event held by Project Grow in Ann Arbor where they give you two pounds of potatoes to grow, with the intention and pledge to give a certain percent of your harvested crop to them for donation to local food banks.

It was just by chance that I stumbled across this program. I was standing with my family, in line to talk to the volunteers at Slow Food Huron Valley (more on them, tomorrow!) and I heard a great ruckus down the aisle a bit. "The Potato People are coming! The Potato People are coming!" they were yelling. It was pretty spectacular.

I decided to pledge 80% of my harvest to them, which knowing my luck could very well be a miniscule donation. 80% of zero is still zero. :) I'll be growing Red Pontiac potatoes, and I'm still not sure of when I'll be planting them. Definitely some time this week, though, if the weather holds!

Do you have any gardening outreach programs in your area?


  1. Wow! What a cool program! I'm not aware of anything like it here in Brooklyn, NY, but it's a great idea. Good luck with those Red Pontiacs!

    I was sorry to read about Gertrude and I hope that she is continuing to do well.

  2. Awesome! This is a lot like what I'm doing with donating a portion of my garden to the local women's shelter.