Monday, April 18, 2011

My Mother

Gosh, I've been so bad about posting daily, but I've had a good excuse this week!

My mother has been in town all week and we have had a great time together. We hauled compost, met dairy goats, ran errands, filled raised beds, made granola, smushed a tree and an entire car-load of irrigation hoses into her small car, ate good food, laughed a lot... It was so much fun, and I was really sad to see her leave early this morning. She is spending the entirety of today driving herself and her dog, Abbie, back to New Hampshire where she lives with my Father.

My mom has become one of my best friends over the years, and it was really relaxing to spend a whole week with her. She may not believe it (nor will she like that I'm posting it here but too bad!) but she is a beautiful, strong woman that I have looked up to, on so many levels, my whole life. The ultimate rolemodel.

I know she'll be pissed that I posted these photos of her here, but I blog to share my life with others, and to tell you all about the things I love. She can just deal with it. 

She left early this morning, before the sun came up, amidst this ridiculous Michigan snow we're having. After she left I tried to stay up for a while but after getting a better look at what was going on outside I flopped back into bed. Gardening in Michigan can be frustrating and, seeing as the whole yard is blanketed by rapidly falling inches, yes inches of snow, I went back to sleep this morning. I kept thinking the snow was all a bad dream, but now. It's still there, falling, and worse than before... inches. I'm just glad the only thing I've planted so far this year has been potatoes. Everything else will just have to wait. 

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  1. This has been a fickle spring so far - it's very frustrating to those of us who just want to dig around in the dirt! And how wonderful to have had the time with your mother. She sounds terrific.