Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Peepers! (No, not chorus frogs!)

Look at what I brought home yesterday! I still haven't finished collecting "Okays" from neighbors, but if anybody strongly opposes these cute little ladies, I'll just send them off to live at our friends' poultry farm. 

They were listed as "Araucana Pullets" but I'm really a purist when it comes to breeds, be it sheep, poultry or horses. These are not Araucanas, nor are they even Ameraucanas. They're just run-of-the-mill Easter Eggers... but dang they're cute! I was careful to get some in different colors so they wouldn't all look the same.

Some are chocolate colored,

some are "wild-type" marked like little chipmunks,

and one is even mouse-grey!
You'll be reading much more about these little ladies as they grow. I wasn't able to get many photos of them today because they're so itty bitty they start shivering as soon as I take them out of the brooder. They're only 3-4 days old! They've been started on 100% local and organic feed and will continue on this feed for the rest of their days.

I'll have to write a post later about our local feed mill and their wonderful efforts to buy local and organic components for their mixes. They're really great!


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