Friday, April 8, 2011

March's Mother Daughter Craft Swap - The Orange Cookies

Just at the end of March mysterious packages simultaneously arrived on both my doorstep and that of my brother, Benjamin. Ah, March's craft swap. Inside was simply a container of little biscuity-shaped cookies wrapped in bubblewrap. Of course, cookies are a staple here at Tanglewood Farm, and these were particularly amazing: Orange Sour Cream Cookies.... My God.

From what I learned in a short conversation with  my mom about the cookies, these are made from as many local and organic ingredients as she could find. We are neither very big bakers, and so an intricate cookie with such amazing subtle taste as these is a true treasure in my family. The danger with these cookies is that they are orange and light, so they are refreshing to eat. Of course, that means you can't eat just one... or two... maybe three, but not likely.

I'll have to post the recipe as soon as I get it from her. For now, you'll have to make due with a photograph and a reassurance: These are perhaps the best cookies I have ever eaten.


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