Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not my lambs, but...

...still the cutest thing I've seen in years! Our lambs aren't due until around the 15th so hopefully I'll have updates on them soon!

These little fuzzies (one ram, one ewe) belong to Kelly, a yearling ewe from Queso Cabeza farm in Olivet, MI. The second lamb was just standing up as we arrived yesterday, and the first was snuggled up to another ewe nearby while it's mumma licked the second clean and nibbled the umbilical cord. When she finished, she gathered up her babies and shoved them in the general direction of her udders where they stumbled around for a while before figuring everything out. I was nearly crying, it was so cute!

Queso Cabeza is the same farm that our ewes came from, and yesterday we took our visiting ram, Herb, back to his original home. We're very sad to see him go, but we are so lucky to be expecting his lambs from our ewes any day now! I'll be posting more on our visit to Queso Cabeza, and Herb's ride home (in the back of our station wagon!) tomorrow.


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