Friday, May 27, 2011

Brighid the Troublemaker

As if I needed a lamb sired by Herb-the-mischievous, mothered by Ingrid-the-skeptical and chaperoned by Gertrude-the-devious.

Brighid is a trouble make through and through. She is often seen kicking up her heels at Gertrude - even going as far as butting heads with her. She tries to climb through fences, loves to sleep on the ant hills and funniest of all she loves to chase the chickens! If they won't run, she'll charge them and baa repeatedly until they flutter away. They have even gone as far as trying to hide from her in the barn but Brighid is too smart for that!

The best thing is that this morning I saw Gertrude call the chickens. She was at the other side of the field and saw them come out of the coop. She let out a mighty baa and the chickens all picked their heads up and raced toward her! I've never seen anything like it. WOW. My sheep have interesting relationships with the poultry, that's for sure!

(Maybe she won't find us here!)

Comeer Cheekins!

Whaaaat? I wasn't doing anything!

(Sorry for the poor quality; I was totally unprepared for this hilarity!)


  1. Anyone who'll take on Gertrude deserves a medal, even a lamb.

  2. Capcha was "run&cri" teehee