Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tanglewood Detangled

So it's nearly 2 AM and I need to get to bed, but I wanted to post quickly to show you what we've been up to this weekend. Yesterday we had a whole slew of friends and students come to our homestead/farm to help us pull out the terrible mess of invasive vines and plants that have been choking the antique orchard we live next to. It was a huge success! I'll be posting additionally about this, but I wanted to just put up a few photos really quickly before bed.

The first is a photo from last fall to show you what the orchard used to look like.

The rest are photos of the orchard after yesterday, as well as a quick snapshot of just part of the brush pile that was formed along the edge of the property-line fence. This brush will help keep the deer out as well!

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  1. Oh I so feel for you! Nice that you managed a clean-up party with willing participants. Nothing like helping hands to motivate things along. Nasty what weeds and vines can do to an orchard, eh? I found you through your "sustainable living" tag in your profile. Off to peruse your blog some more...
    Regards from Quebec,