Thursday, May 12, 2011

Taking it "Easy"

This week has been difficult for me. I've had a really nasty bug and have had no energy or balance all week. Poor Jeremy has had it even worse than I do, and developed a whopper of a cough and sore throat on top of it all. We blame it on some poor unsuspecting nerd at the last comic book convention he visited. Heh.

Anyway, despite being sick in bed for several hours of each day, I can't seem to stay away from work. I can't sleep, for obsessing over what I should be doing outside. I shouldn't be lying there; I should be planting strawberries, planting rhubarb, starting seeds, building a chicken coop, installing new electric fence in the orchard for the sheep, picking violets, weeding everything, hauling hoses, building shelves in the pop-up greenhouse, handling sheep, teaching riding lessons, making cheese... etc. And you know what I did? All of those tasks. I'm sure I'm paying for it by exhausting my body, but come on, man! It's SPRING!

Besides, I was totally taking it easy. I should've spent my week hauling a few yards of compost, mucking the sheep stall, pruning apple trees, tilling and double digging new beds and biking, but I kept myself to the simple, less strenuous jobs. Often I would just let the sheep out on their grass and sit under the apple tree, watching them munch quietly.

If your options were stay in bed and force yourself to sleep, or head outside to see this adorable face, which would you choose? Look at those amazing little face markings! They get more prominent as her coat comes in. I have to get a photo of the back of her ears, too! They have little black eye spots, like a wild animal!

Brighid is definitely growing. She has gone from a waif-y little fuzzball to a thick little spitfire in just the past few days. She's starting to be more independent from Ingrid, but still panics occasionally if she wakes up and mom has gone from her sight. Ingrid is doing well, despite battling with bottlejaw (a condition accompanying anemia from internal parasites). Gertrude is loud and obnoxious as ever, especially now that she thinks she gets to demand to go out on the grass whenever she likes. Yeesh!

The chicks are definitely chickens, and unfortunately they're not all the lady-pullets I was told they would be. I caught my favorite pullet crowing the other morning! Uh Oh. I hate to say this (especially since I know not everyone digs the whole farming chicken thing) but her/his name has become dinner. Bummer. I've accepted it though, and this means that we'll have home-grown, organic chicken several weeks before we anticipated, so that's a bonus. I figured we'd get at least one roo in our first batch, but never thought it would be the one chicken I'd grown attached to! Ah well.

I'm going to try to get some more photos in, here. I have a whole slew that I took while I was wandering around delirious with fever (jk?) earlier this week, but my computer seems to be incapable of opening my editing software this morning. Alas, to own a geriatric Mac is to develop patience for such things. This puppy is going on 5 years old, and computers are supposedly obsolete after just 3! (Can you hear the thick irritation in my voice?) I'll see what I can do. *mutter mutter mutter*


  1. Awww....hope you're feeling better! It's great that you managed to get so much done in spite of being under the weather.

    That little cutie would make me want to get out of bed too - what a FACE! Please do post a photo of the backs of her ears!

    I look forward to keeping up with watching her (and your farm) grow.

  2. The joys of farming - especially when you're sick. I am with you on wanting to get out there and look at my sheep, sick or not. Isn't it fun to watch their personalities develop? Hope your weather is cooperating. Unless you have hired help, you are IT when it comes to getting things done. Feel better soon!

  3. Awwwww sooooo adorable!!! I hope you two are feeling lots better. Have had it here too. Maybe an allergy from this crazy weather. xxooxx

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