Friday, May 6, 2011

Singing quick praises (reprises?) for the Mara des Bois

I'm sure I'll get to a longer post soon (hopefully a couple of book reviews!), but my life is currently dominated with the mad scramble that is spring-in-full-swing. I have been pruning and digging and planting and weeding and tilling and amending and hauling and shoveling and... you get the idea, right? That compounded with the mysterious lost blogposts and the fact that my father has been in town this past week and I've been spending time with him has made posting here pretty inconvenient.

I wanted to post quickly to sing praise again for the Mara des Bois strawberry. I wandered out into the yard yesterday to discover my Mara des Bois are already blooming! Not only that, one is already swelling into a small green berry! This berry was the last to produce last year and will be the first this year. Not only that, it was one of the heaviest producers and by far had the tastiest berries of any of the six varieties of garden strawberry that I grow. Mmm...

Have you ever grown Mara des Bois? Did you have luck with them?

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