Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Clouds

These cloudy days are getting old! If you live anywhere near us, you're probably struggling with the same weather. Rain and cold... and then it warms up and clears just enough to make you feel like you should be outside doing something but sheesh - it still isn't what I'd call pleasant out!

 Brighid is doing well. She's much more independent this week, but every once in a while she will wake up from a nap and not see her mother right away. When that happens, she will leap up, cry out and run around like a little pinball machine until Ingrid utters a little "Nuhh" grunt as if to say "Chill out. I'm right here." Ingrid's bottle jaw has cleared up and her FAMACHA scores are better. She is still right in the middle, so I'll be sending in fecal samples to check for additional parasites this week or next. This will allow me to figure out exactly what worms she has and which wormer to use to target them best.

The currant bushes are enjoying the clouds, and they seem to be flowering more than they ever have before. I'm not sure if this is weather related, stress related or maybe it's just that they've just become established this year.

You know, now that I think about it most of my perennial fruit plants are flowering more than usual. I think it's probably because they're established now that they're mostly enjoying their third year in their new homes. I think my favorite things in my gardens are always the fruit plants: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, currants, serviceberries... Is that it? Maybe I should grow cranberries too. Hmm...

After setting up my hand-me-down popup green house, I moved my tomato, pepper and melon starts out. My tomatoes were planted two weeks late this year, but I'm hoping they'll catch up by mid-June. They're almost all up at this point, other than the San Marzano which I planted late since I picked up seeds after the ladies at Not Dabbling suggested I try them as a good heirloom paste tomato.

Anyway, here's hoping for a sunny weekend!

How are your gardens growing? Are you enjoying a sunny spring, or has it been as dreary as ours?

Also, be sure to check back soon. I'll be offering my first giveaway as soon as I get shipping figured out with my local post office! It will probably post this weekend. :)

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  1. Oh, they are so cute I can hardly stand it! Glad to read that Ingrid is improving.

    I'm also growing San Marzanos this year for the very first time. I'm getting a pressure canner and hoping for some sauce!

    How great that your fruit plants are really getting established - hopefully you'll have a great harvest from them this year.

    Rainy here too and much chillier than it ought to be. I'm afraid we're going to switch very suddenly to 90 degrees and 100% humidity...eek!