Saturday, June 26, 2010

The eradication of the Fleabane

Mwahaha. I have successfully pulled every visable fleabane plant from my meadow garden. I spent more than an hour this morning carefully tromping through the garden pulling them out one by one.

Before shot (same as the other day):

After shot:

There were hundreds of them! I also pulled several thistles and decided that I really need new garden gloves. Hah. Ouch!
The bed looks so much better it's amazing.

Ah blanket flower. What a wimp. You'd think if it wanted to grow three feet it might try to grow upwards rather than out.

So not everything in here is native. Somehow allysum has snuck in, and I admit I planted some brown eyed susans. Also, that monarda is at least six feet tall! I had no idea it could get so tall.


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