Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A photo update on 3 sis, cottage and container gardens

Well the three sisters garden has finally started to ascend. The corn is a bit taller than my knees (knee high fourth of July!) and the beans are happy to have something to grow on. Unfortunately so are the squash. I can't imagine the corn will support both so I worked this morning on separating the squash tendrils from the corn plants. Oh Tedium!

The cottage garden by the door is in full swing. The roses have finished and the monarda has grown up to take it's place on the trellis. I shouldve taken more photos of this bed. It's pretty spectacular.

The pickle bucket and cardboard box container gardens are doing well. As I hypothesized, the cardboard can be a little on the damp side. The cardboarded plants are still growing about as well as the ones I put in the actual soil, just not flourishing like the ones I put in pickle buckets. This photo is a sugar baby watermelon. No baby fruits yet, but the vines are holding up well. I found my first spot of powdery mildew this morning. Time to start spraying (organically of course) for that. This week is supposed to be cool and dry so hopefully the dry air will help me get a handle on the mildew before it gets a little crazy.

This last photo is one I snapped in Ann Arbor last night while out with the horse ladies (Kay, Katy, and Laura). It's a red redbud! I couldn't help but snap a photo. I had no idea these existed. Very cool.
While in Ann Arbor we went to eat at the Jolly Pumpkin, a brewery owned by Ron and Laurie Jeffries. It's by far my favorite of breweries and they now have a restaurant in Ann Arbor, Dexter and Traverse City each! The food there is unique and amazing (I had the truffle pizza- goat cheese, shitake and truffle oil- heavenly!) and the prices are great! I highly recommend it to anyone visiting any of those places.

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  1. Very cool pictures. You must have amazing soil!!