Thursday, July 1, 2010

Relaxing Morning

This morning I was determined to get some gardening in. With the summer camp in full swing I cam hardly find spare daylight to garden in so this morning I ventured out around six to see what I could see. Naturally there were good things and bad.

First I spotted a large yellow summer squash that I'd neglected to notice. It was slightly overgrown and still super delicious, much sweeter than I remember them being.
On closer inspection however I discovered the first of the bad news. Striped Cucumber Beetles. Ugh. I then proceeded to spend nearly my entire morning scouring, discovering and squishinh them. I'm nearly positive I peaked into every blossom of every cucurbit (sp?) in the yard. As the sun warmed the air they got quicker and I know I missed at least one. I think I have a new hobby. :)

In my wanderings this morning I snapped a quick snap shot of my annual bed that's under the clothesline pole. It's doing well despite being infested with ants and planted in 2-3 inches of dirt on top of the concrete base.

Here's a photo of my three rare heirloom melons. I started them pretty late but I was desperate to give them a shot this season. Left to right are: Petite Gris de Rennes (charantais), Minnesota Midget (cantaloupe) and Golden Midget (watermelon). They're all supposed to be short season anyway, maturing in 60-80 days so I figure as long as I trick them into think it's spring by keeping them in very early/late day shade I may get some fruit. If not, I have more seeds for next year.

In case anybody us curious about what I do with my time at the camp, here are two shots of the jumps we are building this week. We wanted shorter interesting jumps to give the beginners a chance to jump something interesting.


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