Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alpine strawberry and mater worms!

First ripe white alpine strawberry of the year! This little guy packed quite a lot of taste. It's sweetness actually reminded me of the same pure sweetness of really good watermelon. Delicious! By next year I'll have propagated a whole patch of these babies! :)

T-t-t-tomato H-h-hornworms! It took me an hour to find the jerks that did this. I really seem to be out of practice when I comes to hornworm spotting. I finally found two of them munching away happily. The worst thing about hornworms is that if you hurt them they make little buggy screamy clicky noises. Ugh. Ah well. I like to live with as many garden pests as I can, but I draw the line at hornworms.

I introduced our cat, Harrison, to them and then promptly gave them over to the ducks who made quick work of them. Funny that they should be present in two very separate areas of the garden, but be on the same tomato variety, purchased from the same greenhouse. I'm betting they came with the maters. Bummer.

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  1. Oh my word those hornworms are HUGE! Ew!