Saturday, July 3, 2010

Of strawberries and snakes

This was supposed to post yesterday but I forgot to publish it. Ah well.

This morning I had a bit of spare time before my last day running the camp before August. I've taken July completely off to prepare for my wedding. More on that in a later post.

Within the first few minutes of my morning I'd made quite a few little discoveries. The first was that my June bearing strawberry patch is still producing tasty albeit small berries in abundance.

The berry plants were starting to runner so I assumed they were done for the year. Boy was I wrong! I picked nearly two cups! These are the super sweet musky berries of the late season that bruise easily and are generally pretty ugly. Tasty though.

My next surprises were powdery mildew on various cucurbits and septoria leaf spot on some of the tomatos. Nothing too bad, so I sprayed (organically) and went on my way.

The final surprise came when I lifted the cardboard where I have plans for a final (yeah right) strawberry bed. Thirteen garter snakes lay in little plops all over the ground! They had obviously crawled in for shelter from the 50 degree nights we've had. Naturally the little kid in me demanded I play with one. After a bit of musk it quickly became docile. Of course I let it go.


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