Saturday, July 10, 2010

... not even Wensleydale?

I set off on a cheesy adventure today. I attempted my first batch of soft cheese: a lemon cheese made with goats milk. There were a few recipes online that sparked my interest, but this was the one I wanted to try first.

Supposedly similar to chevré, it is white, creamy and simple. Of course, it's not done yet. (Also pictured in the photo of the lemons is a bowl from the amazing green and white marble enamelware set -35 pieces!- that I found at treasure mart yesterday!) The recipe that I used claims a quick fifteen minute set, but as I had to use ultra pasturized milk (not a lot of options for goat milk in SE Michigan- contact me if you have a resource!) it won't ever truly set up the way I want it to. Most of the other recipes call for a 6-12 hour set before straining so I'll give that a shot.
I'm sort of muddling through this as I go. That's what most of these cheesy websites suggest, too. It can be both a science and an art, requiring precision in temperature and base procedure, and expression in finishing, seasoning and method. Heh.

Anyway, hopefully it'll work. If not, it's back to the drawring board for moi.
Maybe I'll attempt some marscapone cheese before dinner..
Or maybe I'll sit on my couch and figure out the best place to get butter cloth, rennet and various cheese cultures...

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