Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Horse training in a heat wave.

This weather is getting old. We've had 95+ degree weather for the past 3 days and today is supposed to be the worst yet. I know I'm a wimpus but it sure makes horseback riding difficult!
I did manage to get out to ride Aoife (14.1hh crabbet arabian mare, 9yo) yesterday. I was tacked and ready by 7AM and I and my horse were still dripping ten minutes in.

We worked on an awesome 2'6"-2'9" course (if I do say so myself) with a line of ascending oxer to descending oxer to improve her bascule over the jumps. The descending oxer also contained a picket fence plank that Aoife was totally not a fan of, but she was willing.
She did beautifully at everything I threw at her, though she was pretty ticked that she missed her hay with her herdmates and kept inching towards the gate to her field or stiffening against the rein away. She got plenty of hay afterwards though I'm sure it's more the social activity that she missed.
After doing our stadium jumps we suited up (flyspray and SEI vest) and went out on the trails to school some cross country jumps. Aoife hasnt ever done much cross country. She's done small standard jumps out in the field, but that and railroad ties are about it. We didn't do much but it was enough to confirm that she'll go over pretty much anything I point her at. I think the highest we did was probably 2'6". She was great. I can't wait to school her away at Copper Creek!
Afterwards she followed me right into the wash stall having only been in it once before and years ago. She was happy to be hosed off and even happier to roll in the dirt afterwards. She's a grey horse. I have come to terms with her love of dirt. :)


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