Sunday, July 11, 2010

We forgot the crackers!

So I managed to make some marscapone cheese before bed last night. I haven't got photos of the finished stuff yet but it's very subtle and pleasant.

It's definitely a baking or cooking cheese due to it's simplicity, but I'm sure I can come up with something to use it for. Maybe a spread for fresh zucchini bread? Mm.

After the marscapone I drained the whey from the lemon cheese. It's a bit more lemony than I'd hoped, but such is the nature of experimentation.

I hung the draining curds over my kitchen counter for three hours. The whey creates the most wonderful smell as it drains. This was such a fun experiment for me. I'm sure I'll do it again.

After three hours, I checked on the lemon cheese. It was still pretty moist so I wrapped it again and put it I'm the colander for overnight refrigeration. This morning it's the perfect texture! Haven't tasted it yet but was thinking of spreading it on French bread with raspberry preserves for breakfast.
All in all I'd say this was a successful first foray into the world of cheesemaking. I'm sure I'll continue in it.

My final photo is from inside my mosquito netting that I've hung from one of the apple trees. It's the perfect solution for wanting to nap in the grass during the summer. I highly recommend this netting to anyone who has ever daydreamed of sleeping out-of-doors but has balked at the thousands of bloodsucking little fiends buzzing about the yard.

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