Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scyths and Simplicity

Just a quick post while I'm out enjoying the air conditioning at the local m-m-m-mall... We are still without power and planning to spend a lot of today out and about since it's too hot outside for me to garden and too dim in the house for Jeremy to draw.

In the mean time, I've been reading up on the "Austrian Scythe" which is a lighter more efficient alternative to an "American Scythe"... I've got to find some way to mow the sheep field before they come home and I think I've found it! The grass out there is nearly as tall as my head and it's going to have pretty much zip nutritional value if I don't cut it soon. I'm really hoping to find a funky local garden shop (maybe downtown home and garden Ann Arbor?) that has these locally. The shipping is killer!

Here's a quick video on mowing with a scythe... This guy's web site is great, too.

This Photo really made me happy. I found it on a blog called "The Shambles under Highland Butte" username "Skepweaver"... Unfortunately I have to run for now so I don't have more time to explore this blog, but check it out at!


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