Thursday, June 17, 2010

A quick shot of the three sisters

I'm testing this thing out a bit. From what I've heard, this program will let me post numerous photos to one blog post. Let's see how it goes when I leave the safety of Katie's wifi tonight to travel to the near-hermitage I call home.

The first photo is the seedling stage of my "Three Sisters" garden of squash, beans and corn in various varieties- all heirloom except the ruby queen sweet corn.

The second is another shot from this morning. Can't wait until the corn starts to gain some height!

I went to weed whip around the bed this morning but by the time I got over there with the whip I'd overheated the poor thing. I'm working on a few paths through the field, orchards and gardens. I'm so hard on tools. Yeesh. That's when I decided it'd be worthwhile to read up on 2-cycle engines... Heh.

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