Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Meadow Garden

Well summer has finally begun and many of my perennial beds are in full swing. I've already fallen behind in cutting things back this year, but the one garden I've kept up on, partially because it's slower growing, is my meadow garden.
Last summer, in a fit of madness I set out to dig, destroy and replace a large patch of grass at the bottom of the yard. What began as a small native border quickly became a massive project entailing hundreds of plants, seeds and transplants. I now have a pretty sweet little meadow of natives and naturalized species (as well as weeds) at the bottom of my yard.

The bummer is that the damned fleabane is everywhere. I've pulled hundreds of these buggers out and they just keep popping up!
Anyway, I get the impression this garden is going to be pretty spectacular late summer.

On another note, the black raspberries are in full swing. I picked a bunch for breakfast this morning and I can't remember a better year for them. Last year the spring drought destroyed the whole crop, but this year seems to be pretty durned delicious!

I can't wait to bake black raspberry scones... Mmm.


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