Thursday, November 8, 2012

Buying Local: Biercamp, Ann Arbor

On the south side of town, tucked adorably between a mom an pop artisan grocer and a mom and pop furniture store you'll find Ann Arbor's Biercamp. The shop is run by a young couple and specializes in in-house smoked meats, unique jerkies, pickles, deli meats and more. Riding on the sort of northwestern woodsy type (date I use the word "hipster" in a positive sense?) aesthetic wave, the shop is lined in knotty pine and the walls are scattered with old photographs of farmers and cows.

This place has the most amazing selection and quality I can imagine. From lamb bacon to hotdogs, from pickled green tomatoes to deli sandwiches. It's all there.

Our last trip we even tried their olive loaf (I mean seriously, who even likes olive loaf?) and, well, amazing. Subtle, not too salted, but definitely briney enough.

I strongly suggest a visit next time you're around. They're located in a charming little house on State street, south of the stadium and just across the railroad tracks. Check them out!


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