Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Garden's Delights: Pears

In traditional "mobile device blogging" fashion I wrote this two weeks ago and am only now remembering to click "publish"... Ah well.


This morning I checked our pear trees and discovered ripe pears! Hooray! I quickly devoured one (Bartlett i think) and handed another off to Jeremy. These trees are 100% au natural so the fruits are covered in pits, holes and scabs but daaang. It was totally worth the trouble it took to inspect each bite for worms. Delicious! Up next to ripen are the seckle pears, my favorite!
Our pear trees are true antiquities likely planted anywhere from 50-100 years ago. They are diseased (naturally) and very very tall and hard to harvest from but with a long handled basket grabber (from the Ann Arbor ReUse center- yay!) we've been able to harvest plenty of pears.
Since writing this, the seckles have ripened and once again I am left wondering why anyone would grow anything but seckles! They are small, true, but a fresh seckle is like candy! Sweet, musky and perfectly textures, they are amazing fresh and even better in tortes! I'll have to post my favorite pear torte recipe once I return from my current vacation to New England. ((edit: I do realize that in order for seckles to successfully produce they must cross polinate with at least one other variety, so yes, there is justifiable reason to grow other varieties: to get ripe seckles! Haha.))
For now, have a cat in a pear tree!

(Harrison was very happy to have some leash time the other day. He loves to climb!)


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