Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dead Air

I haven't had much time to post lately primarily because we have... less... than three weeks... till our wedding. We're not ready by a long shot so the gardens have gone feral and to the side lines.
Today it is my plan to devote time to putting in the gates at the front fence, pulling out the cucumber and melon plants that have finished for the season, as well as the beans and corn.
While we were out of town a couple of weeks ago the deer discovered my three sisters garden and tromped it into the ground. Bummer. I had harvested most of the beans and the corn so it wasn't a huge loss, it was just a drag to come home expecting my 6' tall garden and finding it flat. The squash and pumpkins are still going amidst the rubble so that's good. :)
I have harvested some of my container grown sugar baby watermelons.

They were sweet, flavorful and over all very good. Maybe a little over watery (over ripe) but still tasty.
Plans for next year include doing melons and watermelons under row covers in the ground. The cucumber beetles destroyed just about everything this year!


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