Monday, September 27, 2010

Wedding prep: one week to go!

So we're in crunch time. We currently have five days to the wedding so pretty much all of my time is spent running around.
We are decorating withlocal pumpkins and gourds as well as local sunflowers. This photo is seriously just a fraction of the pumpkins and whatnot. We're picking up another 35 pumpkins Thursday and I also have at least 15 more to harvest from my own patch. Woo!
We have our lights up in the orchard trees, paths half mowed, fence up (kinda) and gate painted.
Of course this is totally just a fraction of what we've been doing to prepare. We've also cleaned and completely raked the apples and pears where the ceremony is going to be. Of course my mom has done the bulk of that work. She's been an immense help.

We found a local florist and are going with traditional sunflowers with whatever is blooming around the house (aster, goldenrod, perennial sunflower, etc). I'm having a blast through all of this and, aside from occasional mini panics I've stayed pretty low-stress. It helps that I have my bike back from the shop so I can ride and relax.
I'll try to do some photo heavy posts leading up to the ceremony.


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