Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday favorites: Dish Towels?

Well, I haven't posted a Friday Favorite since back when I was blogging about horse training. I figured I'd start back into it with something fantastically mundane.

Dish Towels!

I washed every single dish towel I could find this morning and I can't begin to tell you how satisfying it was. I plan to pickle radishes later today and it's always so nice to have a fresh, clean dish towel to mop up spills and wipe jar lids.

My favorite dish towel is the flour sack dishtowel. It's soft, absorbent, cotton and inexpensive. You can even use it as a filter for syrups and cheese curds. In fact, it's exactly the same texture and weave as functional old fashioned cheese cloth, as opposed to the wimpy wispy cheese cloth they sell for crafts nowadays.

Do you have a favorite type of dish towel?


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  2. i'm not sure what happened there. i said.....i love crisp fresh dish towels. and pickled radishes sound wonderful.

  3. Oh yes, ma'am! I buy towels in three, because that's how many my towel holder in the kitchen holds. I need matchy-matchy odds 'n sods for me..LOL. I normally avoid the dollar store like the plague, but that's where I found three orange cotton towels, and they're all so soft and lovely I regret not buying more. I love them so much, I wash them, dry them and reuse them immediately. I don't even remember what's in the dish-towel drawer, but I have a few linen ones from IKEA that must be 20 years old. Most of them are still going strong. But don't mess with the orange dollar-store ones, or you'll be sorry...LOL.

  4. what do you mean by flour sack... is there a brand or somewhere I can buy them?

  5. We use flour sack towels (the big ones from Lehman's) as our bath towels! No fuzz, super absorbent, and they line-dry very quickly. Since towels are about half the laundry we put in the dryer, it's a huge savings.

    Emily (In Ann Arbor)