Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poultry Photo Shoot, Spring 2011

Sooooo... I did a photo shoot with my baby chickens and quail. I know it's hokey, but they're so cute!

Sleepy buckeye chick

Another adorable buckeye chick

 A welsummer chick!

A white Cochin (with adorable feathered feet)! Of course, I didn't order white Cochins. They sent them to me on accident, intending to send me Cornish. Ugh. They'd better be cute!

I can't get over how cute young Coturnix quail are! (Yes, that's poo.)

The breeder made us try a young Texas A & M quail too.

Here's our single cinnamon coturnix quail chick. I'm hoping this one's a female.


  1. So cute! The cochin is my fave, I think. Next year, turkeys? =)

  2. I love the backdrops. Must have been a fun - and fuzzy - photo shoot!

  3. They are adorable! How do you get them to pose? I am still stalking my lambs for their 'for sale' shots.