Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A sad day.

Just to let you know, Ingrid died this morning from grass tetany. It's a quick-to-kill metabolic condition caused by magnesium deficiency. Brighid has already decided the bottle of goat milk is an OK substitute for her mum's milk, but she's very stressed to not have Ingrid there. Gertrude is a good sport tho and is taking care of her.

We still don't have a new modem but I'll be posting more when we do.


  1. Oh, Emily, I am so sorry! I have not heard of this, although I did have to treat one of my lambs from tetanus this spring - that was frightening enough. I hope that Brighid takes to Gertrude and visa versa.

  2. So sorry to hear that. Hope Brighid copes well.

  3. That's awful! In grad school I studied plant mineral nutrition, and we accidentally found that plants won't take up enough magnesuim until they have enough phosphorus. When I left they were in the process of studyin this in a pasture situation as a management tool to prevent grass tetany. So it might be worth a try to fertilize the pastures with phosphorus. you could really just use a 12-12-12 mix.